Product Features

The Noodlehead attaches to the end of any standard garden hose. It also comes with a sturdy spike to anchor the Noodlehead firmly in place.

The Noodlehead also screws onto a riser. If you have an underground irrigation system, it will attach to any ½” riser. The Noodlehead will also attach to our optional “Extend-A-Riser”. This effectively allows you to create your own above-ground sprinkler system. Click on options or hints for further information.

three through holes in the housing that allows the added ability to attach it to a fence, building, wall, or discretely hang it from an eave or overhang.

(We offer inexpensive mounting kits. Please call.)

two fine mesh stainless steel filter washers for both the garden hose thread connection, as well as the ½” pipe thread in the bottom, underneath. Both inlets come with disposable plugs allowing the user the versatility of installing the Noodlehead on a riser or attach it to a garden hose.