Watering Hints

  • One of the great advantages of a Noodlehead is that it need not be installed in the middle of your garden. It is just as efficient installed at an edge or corner with the streams pointed inward.
  • For achieving the longest “throw” the optimum angle is approximately 45 degrees.
  • For smaller garden plots point the streams more vertically so that they land more near at hand…
    …or turn down the volume either at the sprinkler with an optional shut-off valve, or at your hose bib. (see product options)
  • Another handy hint is to install one Noodlehead at each corner of your lawn pointing inward.


  • HINT #1: Keeping in mind that the Noodlehead is a dedicated, fixed-position sprinkler, you may also want to permanently dedicate your hose. HINT #2: If you’re using 2 or more Noodleheads, lay your hose out and cut it up into correct lengths. Attach standard hose-end mending kits along with “Y” couplers and create your own above-ground irrigation system. (see PRODUCT OPTIONS)
  • REMEMBER: Every time you relocate a Noodlehead, you’re probably going to have to reposition the noodles.
  • HINT #3: Block off 2 of the 3 orifices on each noodle to get an individual stream that can then be used to water individual containers, for example.
  • HINT #4: Snip off one or more nozzles with a pair of wire cutters (a half-inch or so below the silver nozzle). Insert a double-ended barb into the tube opening. push on a length of 1/4″ drip irrigation tubing and run the other end over to a container plant. Push in a drip emitter into this end of the tube. Now you can water your patio plant with water from one noodle while watering the rest of your lawn and garden with the other 11 noodles.
    (If you can’t find double-ended barbs or tubing or emitters at your local Hardware Store or Garden Center, please call our customer service department at (541) 549-8909!