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Noodlehead Sprinkler

The versatile Noodlehead Lawn & Garden Sprinkler includes one spike, two plugs, and two filter washers! It connects to either an in-ground system or to a standard garden hose.
One Noodlehead will cover 400 square feet at 45 PSI water pressure.
+$6 shipping

Noodlehead Sprinkler - Twin Pack

Get two Noodelhead Sprinklers and save!.
Noodlehead Twin Pack
+$8 shipping


  • Each Extend-a-Riser will adjust to three different heights; 8" to 16" to 24"
  • Adapts as your garden grows.
  • Elevates the Noodlehead above obstructions or vegetation.
  • Attaches to a standard garden hose.
  • Gives the hose-end market the option of creating their very own “above-the-ground’ sprinkler system, complete with risers.
  • Simply adjust the Extend-a-Riser as your garden grows for the most efficient watering.
Extend-a-Riser (E311C)
+ $6 shipping

Noodlehead Sprinkler with
Extend-a-Riser Combo

Order the combo set and save.


Combo Set
+$8 shipping

Volume Control Valve for Riser Applications

Install between the Noodlehead and your existing in-ground irrigation system risers to control water volume.

Riser Control Valve


Replacement plugs, filters and miscellaneous parts



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